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Full Version: Page 1 after 1 week
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I had an old affiliate site that had a S e nuke campaign ran to it about 5 years ago. It hit number  1 within 3 months and made a steady income for about  9/12 months. After a while the site tanked probably because of the low quality links and in time the site lost its rankings and disappeared out of the top 100.

I have recently about 6/12 months ago added a few pbn links and it was sitting around 10th for one of its kws but after running an Icarius campaign in SEO AP the site moved within the week and i now have  8 kws on page 1 with 2nd being the highest and its already started returning some more adsense income.

I expect this site to now keep improving and bring in more ad revenue. Its a simple  3 page site only but should make enough to cover my monthly software fees
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good, the site is still on #9 position on my default google result.
That is awesome pal, how is your site now? still ranking and earning? Big Grin