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Full Version: How to crate tier 1 web2.0 on different blog platforms for diagram?
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I created and started a campaign and faced with a problem
Here is my diagram that contains 24 tier 1 web 2.0 blogs.
- I selected all available  web2.0 platforms and expected that SEO AutoPilot will create 24 articles on different (random) blog post platform for diversification. But SEO AutoPilot creates a post on EACH of 61 selected blog platforms.
Expected: 24 tier 1 articles, each on different platform
Realty: 24x61 tier 1 articles
- I specified the same account preset (named T1) for each tier 1 blog. I expected that AutoPilot will create exactly 1 blog post into each account.
But it created multiple blog post into each account. Here is an example.

My question is:
How can I create 24 links to the destination donor page from 24 web2.0 tier1 pages and I would like each Web 2.0 post will be on different Web2.0 platofrms (evernote, wordpress, thumbl, etc)? Which diargam can do that? Also, I'd like diversification on tier 2 (different link types for each of 24 blogs).