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Full Version: Filtering selection based on Domain Authority (campaign creation)
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When creating a camoaign, in some occasions, the user may want to select sites within a ceratin Domain Authority range. This can be achieved without clicking each site from the list one by one.

On the campaign creation form, you can find Domain Authority selection filter  on top of sites list:

[Image: filter_by_da_button.jpg]

When you click that button, you can select the range of the Domain Authority (using the sliders for Min and Max). You can also use the drop-down menu to select which group types you want to apply the filter to. The list differs according to the selected diagram. If you want to select sites from all group types, you can simply select the first option "[ All ]".

[Image: filter_by_da_selection.jpg]

When we press "Select" we can see that only sites withing the Domain Authority range were selected (in the example we used 37 - 100).

[Image: filter_by_da_filtering_result.jpg]

This small feature can save you a lot of time, if you really want to select sites based on Domain Authority.