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Hey guys, i got some info on useing images with alt tags but spintax so a different alt text is pulled each time. the format archer (the creator) gave me was as follows but doesnt seem to work.,{cheap snow gear|best snowboard clothing|cool snowboard outfits|buy snowboarding gear|cheap snow gear Cheap Snow Gear|best snowboard clothing Cheap Snow Gear|cool snowboard outfits Cheap Snow Gear|buy snowboarding gear Cheap Snow Gear|ski gear|ski wear|ski clothes|snow gear|snow clothes|cheap ski gear|discount ski gear|snowboarding gear|ski clothing sale|cheap ski wear|discount ski wear|snow ski gear|snow wear|cheap ski clothes|ski gear Cheap Snow Gear|ski wear Cheap Snow Gear|ski clothes Cheap Snow Gear|snow gear Cheap Snow Gear|snow clothes Cheap Snow Gear|cheap ski gear Cheap Snow Gear|discount ski gear Cheap Snow Gear|snowboarding gear Cheap Snow Gear|ski clothing sale Cheap Snow Gear|cheap ski wear Cheap Snow Gear|discount ski wear Cheap Snow Gear|snow ski gear Cheap Snow Gear|snow wear Cheap Snow Gear|cheap ski clothes Cheap Snow Gear}

Any ideas what is wrong or can you tell me the error - im sure its super simple

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