Limited Quantity of Dedicated Servers 99$+ 16 Cores | 32 Threads 2.6 GHZ | 48 GB RAM
Selling Limited Quantity of Dedicated Servers 99$+ 16 Cores | 32 Threads 2.6 GHZ | 48 GB RAM + | SSD | Great for SEO & Bots  | Convert into multiple VPSs

[Image: 1fqPYm5.jpg]

Unlimited Bandwidth ( 20 TB included monthly. That's more than enough for 99% of the users unless you have a big tube site.)
You'll get Root Access . This is a Unmanaged Server. You'll be the only person with access to its OS.
USA Datacenter with 1 GB network.
FREE IPKVM Included ( so you can fully control your server and OS)

Setup fee is not lost. You'll use the server for another month after you'll stop paying. The setup fee is there so we won't have to take immediate action if you don't plan on paying another month.
Do not use them for anything illegal or offensive.
An active subscription is required to maintain access to your Server. I will remove your access within 1 month (setup month) and 48 hours of your subscription being cancelled.
Bulk discounts are available. If you start with 1 server and later you'll buy a few more , contact us and we'll adjust your invoice with the new bulk pricing.

No vouche copies are available. We've been selling dedicated servers among our private customers for a while now and just decided to open the service to the public.
If the Server isn't suitable for whatever you need request a full refund within 3 days of ordering! (For packs up to 101 proxies.)[/COLOR]
Try it risk free with our 3 days money back guarantee!

Pricing! Monthly Payments!
Intel E5-2670 2.60 GHZ 16 Cores / 32 Threads 48 GB DDR3 / 480GB SSD = 99$
Intel E5-2670 2.60 GHZ 16 Cores / 32 Threads 64 GB DDR3  / 480GB  SSD = 112$
Intel E5-2680 2.70 GHZ 16 Cores / 32 Threads 96 GB DDR3  / 480GB  SSD = 140$
Intel E5-2680 2.70 GHZ 16 Cores / 32 Threads 128 GB DDR3  / 480GB  SSD = 168$
2x1 TB HDD are provided free of charge on request on every variant ( for raid, storage, backup etc)

You can transform the server into multiple VPS! We can help you with that.
Ex : You could convert a server into 10 VPS easily
set them each with 8 core and 4.4 GB RAM (example with 48 GB variant for 10 VPS). Set the most used ones on SSD, the rest on HDDs etc.
Pro Tip: Combine that with our Shared Proxy Pack ( you'll get to use 1 Pack that's limited on 1 IP on all the VPSs).
You can set them how you want, How many CPU, How much RAM, HDD, different values for each if needed etc.
Its easy and fast. All you have to do is setup 1 VPS and after that just clone it how many times you need it.

No other VPS provider can beat the Value / Price on such VPSs.

Payments via :
Perfect Money
Do you want to pay via another method? Let me know maybe I can add it.

Post in this thread if you're interested in a discount code and I'll pm it to you soon after! Thank you

Contact me via PM, on site at or via skype at

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