Pillowing Technique
Hello, I have a some questions respect this:

"The 1st Campaign you must run when starting a new project is DAS"

Im pleasure to be of this exclusive community, then I explain my case

I have an established website domain with 18 Years and before to start with Seo Autopilot i have a questions:

-The pillowing technique i must use DAS diagram and how much post per day i must publish

-In the description of the diagram the software says "You need 7 Account Presets" I dont understand very well.

-Can i run this diagram as Warm Up for one month ?

-How many keywords I must use?

-How many days should the DAS diagram last?

-What are the suggested percentages of: Primary keywords, generic keywords, branded keywords, partial match keywords, plain urls, domain as anchor and text urls in the DAS Diagram

-some tips to not be penalized by google because it is a very serious project and I do not want to make mistakes.

Thanks four your patience and i will hope solve  my questions
Good question.

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