Auto Capitalize Post Titles
Capitalize if a feature added on version 0.9.61 allowing users to capitalize post titles (for Web 2.0 Blogs, Social Bookarking etc.) with a simple click. Capitalize, turns first letter to uppercase for each word in the spun title.

Just press "Capitalize" tool which is located above Post Titles:

[Image: capitalize_button.jpg]

[Image: capitalize_after.jpg]

After Capitalize:
[Image: capitalize_before.jpg]

In the following example we can see how a post title changes after the use of Capitalize:

Spun Post Title (before):
{The Greatest Guide To real estate|What Does real estate Mean?|Not known Factual Statements About real estate |The Greatest Guide To real estate|The 5-Second Trick For real estate|5 Tips about real estate You Can Use Today...}

Spun Post Title (after):
{The Greatest Guide To Real Estate|What Does Real Estate Mean?|Not Known Factual Statements About Real Estate |The Greatest Guide To Real Estate|The 5-second Trick For Real Estate|5 Tips About Real Estate You Can Use Today...}
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