Reports Improvement
Please allow the ability to add the following to a report in addition to the links and tiers:

1. Preset Name
2. Preset URL
3. Preset username
4. Preset email
5. Preset Password

Please add the option to include or exclude this information. These 5 pieces of data could be additional columns in the report with the links etc.

Adding this option will allow us to keep better track of presets and their usage with campaigns, links, and tiers and make it so if we delete campaigns and backup presets we can easily recreate campaigns. 

Since SEOAP gets nonresponsive when too many campaigns are loaded this will help.

Also, when there are a lot of presets it takes too much time to add more and manage the current ones.

We are spending a lot of time that could be saved with this feature or something to solve this problem.
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+1 very good idea

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