License Verification Error Fix
Sometimes you may see the following error message when trying to enter your License Key:

"License Verification Error".

This is due to wrong Windows Time on your Machine.

To fix this, you can just perform a New Windows Time Synchronization and you should be fine!

Here are the Steps you need to do in order to do that:

Step 1

[Image: Step-1.png]

Step 2

[Image: Step-2.png]

Step 3

[Image: Step-3.png]

Step 4

[Image: Step-4.png]

Step 5

[Image: Step-5.png]

Step 6

[Image: Step-6.png]

Step 7

[Image: Step-7.png]

Again, this is NOT an SEO AP issue so please be POLITE when you Open a Support Ticket...

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