Manage your Accounts easily
SEO Autopilot generates a huge number of accounts for the campaigns. Accounts are stored in account banks called "Account Presets". Below we will show some small tips to manage your accounts more easily.

Export your Accounts to .xls file

You can export your accounts for a selected group type (Web 2.0 Blogs, Social Bookmarking etc). To export them navigate:
Accounts (main menu) > Select a group type from right section.

This will show stored accounts within the account preset. From this menu you can Add, Edit, Delete, Deactivate and Export your accounts. To export your accounts select "Export Details to .xls".

[Image: accounts_export.jpg]

Here is the .xls file generated after the export:

[Image: accounts_xls_export.jpg]

Search for a specific account

You can search for an account using any field "username, password, email etc". To show search menu press Ctrl + F. This will pop a searchbar where you can enter any information regarding the account you are searching for. To hide search menu, press Ctrl + F keys again. 

[Image: accounts_search.jpg]

When searching, search will highlight matching account from the list.

Sort accounts based on column

By clicking on any column, you can sort displayed accounts based on that column. In the following example, accounts are sorted based on Username.

[Image: accounts_filtering.jpg]

Delete all inactive accounts

For every site within an account preset, only one account can be active. Using the same account preset to generate accounts, results in many inactive accounts. If the user want to delete all inactive account without deleting them one by one he can:
Right Click on the grid > Select "Delete inactive accounts".

[Image: accounts_delete_inactive_accounts.png]

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