Transfer SEO AP Settings Data to another Machine.
Hello Guys,

Since SEO AP Software allows you to have 2 installations per License, many of you asking about:

"How to transfer all my Settings Data into another machine"?

That includes:

1. Account Presets
2. Profiles
3. Diagrams
4. Gmail accounts
5. Proxies
6. All your 3rd Parties API's

Here's how you can do that and start using SEO AP Software in seconds on your new installation!

1. Right click on SEO AP icon on your desktop.

[Image: 01_SEO_AP_Icon.png]

2. Copy folders "Data" and "Diagrams".

[Image: 02_SEO_AP_Folder_copy.png]

3. Go to the new installation (VPS, Laptop or Desktop pc), right click the SEO AP icon, open file location and Paste those 2 folders.

That's it!!!

You now have ALL your settings in the new installation and you are ready to Create your Campaigns!

Hope that helps!


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Hi Archer!

Thanks for the info. I have done that many times. What I am interested in now is actually combining all the campaigns from both machines. Can that be done?

Best always,
thanks this helped me
Hi I have asked the same question regarding this to support if anyone here from the support team please reply to my question my ticket num is: QTX-764381

sorry wrong thread

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